Regulations of Overdue, Damage, Loss and Concealing of Library Materials

1. An overdue fine will be charged according to loan periods by the Registration Counter. The rate is ¥0.2 per day for most of the books (the first two days are free of charge and a rate of ¥0.6 per day is charged from the third day). Books from the Teaching Reference Reading Room are on the rate of ¥0.5 per hour.

2. Readers on extended absence should return or renew the books on time. Overdue books can be exempted of fine if proper statements or documents are provided by their institutions.

3. Lost books should be replaced. Readers should report to the Registration Counter before the due date and replace the book as of original version. If the book can not be replaced, a reparation is applied according to the following.

(1) Regulations of replacement

① Books of original versions: replacement copies should be identical with the original versionsrequest has to be permitted prior to purchasing a replacement book even if it is a newer version from the same press), and an issuing fee of ¥20 per book should be paid.

② Reparations: if the books of original versions can not be replaced, the following reparation rate applies with an addition issuing fee of ¥ 20 per book. A total price shall be charged for set books with multiple volumes.

        Books published by presses in the mainland China:

         Published after and in the year of 2000: 5 times of the original price

         Published between 1980 and 1999: 10 times of the original price

         Published between 1950 and 1979: 2 times of the original price multiplied by (the present year – the year of publication)

         Published before or in the year of 1949: regarded as antiques, the reparation is no lower than 2 times of the original price multiplied by (the present year – the year of publication) as evaluated by the antique market.

        Books published outside the mainland China:

         Published after or in the year of 1980: 10 times of the original price

         Published between 1901 and 1979: 2 times of the original price multiplied by (the present year – the year of publication)

         Published before or in the year of 1900: the reparation is no lower than 2 times of the original price multiplied by (the present year – the year of publication) as evaluated by the antique market.

         *Note: donated books and books without price tags: ¥40 as original price. The price of books with price tagged by foreign currency should be converted to RMB based on the latest exchange rate.

(2) Loss of journals and magazines

    Chinese journals and magazines:
Published in the present year: the loss of a single volume should be compensated by the sum of all issues of the year. Bound volumes with copies: refer to the compensation of Chinese books with additional binding fees. Bound volumes without copies: multiple reparation will be charged in addition to the above rate.

    Journals and magazines in foreign languages:

        (1) Photocopied and copied journals: 5-10 times of the original price

        (2) Original versions: 10 times of the original price

        (3) If lost books are found after the payment of reparation, the reparation can be refunded by presenting the receipt of paid reparation. An overdue fine will be charged from the date of reparation. Lost items that are found remain property of the readers after replacement fines have been paid or the items have replaced.

4. Newspapers are not confined to in-library reading in specific reading rooms. Photocopying is allowed in the library, but they should be returned on the same day. A fine will be charged at the rate of ¥0.2 per day if it is not returned.

5. Writing, cutting and staining are prohibited, otherwise a fine of ¥0.5 per page is charged. The regulations for the loss of books apply for severe damages, and a fine of ¥5 is charged.

6. If books or newspapers are torn up, you'll need to pay for its repair or replacement. Books and newspapers of original versions should be replaced. If they are not replaceable, the regulations of lost books and newspapers apply. A fine of no less than ¥10 is charged, and the institution of the reader is notified. Severe damages shall be accessed according to the policies of the university.

7. Special books and journals (including Preserved Copies,New Books, Course Reserves, Theses and Dissertations, Special Collections, Chinese Periodical Collection (Pre 1949) and Taiwan Literature, Prof. Ji Xianlin, Zhang Zhilian and Qian Duansheng Collections, Prof. Su Bai's Collection on Archaeology, University Collections, Ancient Book Collections) are not allowed to take outside of the library. Copies can be made when there are no prohibitions of such kind, but the original books/journals should be returned on the same day, otherwise an overdue fine of ¥2 per day is charged, and the owners’ borrowing privileges shall be suspended for 1-6 months.

8. Library materials may not be removed or concealed from the Libraries unless they have been checked out. If any library item is concealed by a person without being checked-out, the misbehavior will be put to the readers' personal account. Fines are accessed based on the severity of the damage.

9. Special cases not specified above should be handled by the Registration Office together with relevant departments of the library, or be reported to the corresponding directors.