The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Trial Notification

2017-03-24 13:33:21

Website for trial:

Trial term: as from now to May 30, 2017


The reference work, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, was published in 1987 in its 1st edition with altogether four volumes, which soon distinguishes as a hallmark title in the field. This authoritative monumental work with its extensive and profound involvements in economics has become “an indispensable reference for all individuals or institutions dedicated to learning and study in economics”(as said by the late leading economist Chen Dai-sun ). The book was reprinted in its 2nd edition with a total of eight volumes in 2008, having become an essential reference source for next generation of economists.

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics includes over 2,000 peer-reviewed economic articles in its newest web version, with a number of articles from Nobel laureates in economics, for online inquiry of the researchers.