Q&A Service by Using Email and Instant Message

Please follow the instructions strictly, when you ask a librarian at Peking University Library by email or instant message. Thank you for your cooperation.

1 The questions you ask must be related to library collections, services and resource retrieval. No questions that are illegal, reactionary, coercive, harassing, obscene, or defaming in nature, and no questions that infringe upon the privacy of others or discriminate against any racial groups are allowed. The librarian has the right not to answer irrelevant questions.

2 We do not give legal, medical or financial advice, or advise you on  your plan, design, review and assignments. However, we may provide you with clues to find the appropriate resources.

3 All the information provided by online reference services cannot be used for illegal activities, such as infringing on other’s  patents, trademarks, trade secrets,  copyrights and other proprietary rights.

4 Users  cannot use the online reference services for advertising, promoting and other business activities.

5 Users are prohibited from sending any destructive virus via online reference services. The violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

6  The privacy of all users will be strictly protected.

7 Some questions from online reference services will be selected and added to our online reference database without any user’s personal information. All rights reserved by Peking University Library.

8 For questions asked via email, we will response by email within two working days. We will try our best to  answer the questions from instant messages online, and if failing to do so, we will respond later in other ways.

9 When you finish your consultation, please be sure to log out of the service correctly by clicking the "conclude the session" button(?), not just by closing the browser window, which will either leave you unable  to login again during the same consultation period, or prevent you from receiving the record of Q&A sent from the system automatically.