Research Management and Decision-making Support

  • Talent Assessment: Based on the outputs and impact of journal articles, monographs, reward fund and other indicators, we provide comprehensive assessment of the talent both in terms of his academic achievement and overall academic standard.
  • Subject Assessment: Combining disciplinary development with personnel training plan, we provide overall assessment analysis on the pros and cons of the disciplines in order to support school funding, infrastructure development, talent introduction and other related decisions.
  • Research Management Evaluation: Based on Peking University research management and incentive policies, we provide evaluation report on the research competency of Peking University on an annual basis by making use of multiple sources data combined with a variety of indicators. We strive to remain objective. 
  • Trend forecasting and strategic analysis: Informed with the development strategy of the Peking University and that on a higher regional or national level, we provide strategic analysis and trend forecasting for the university and its disciplinary development.