Research Data Services


  • Data collection: Various subjects / topics of scientific data collection and interviews.
  • Data Analysis: Reader-oriented data analysis.
  • Data Management Consulting: Consulting services about data storage, sharing, and management and also about data collection and sharing services for institutional repository in library.
  • Analysis Report based on Scientific Research Data: Subject development report, report on the trend of key disciplines, scientific research achievement report, report on experimental sciences, subject competitiveness analysis report and so on.


  • Name: China SCI papers report
  • Entrust organization: Department of Science and Technology the Ministry of Education
  • Finish time: March 2016
  • Key words: China SCI papers; Paper publication; Open access journal; Funding agencies; Page charges


  • Name: Research on "Automobile Battery"
  • Project belongs to: "Strategic Study on Basic Research and Direction of Government Priority Support", key subject by Ministry of Education
  • Finish time: January 2016
  • Key words: Key subject areas; Research hotspot; Research Frontiers; Trend analysis; Situation analysis; Car Battery