Donation Policy

Regulations for the reception and management of donations

Due to the restrictions in terms of range and space, the library accepts donations selectively. The library will follow the principles and approaches indicated below, so we entreat our donors to familiarize themselves with the rules.

First, the principles of donations of documents

1. Abiding by Copyright Law of People's Republic of China and the other relevant laws;

2. Accepting donations based on the need to construct the library (Peking University Library);

3. Meeting with various needs for education and research at PKU;

4. As a rule, donated documents need to be formal publications, but informal publications of relatively high academic or reserve value will also be considered; digital resources are also considered when they have domestic Sales and Issuance Licenses, and are guaranteed to be operational under the existing technical environment or campus network;

5. For journals the library does not have, including online journals, continuous donations or donations of complete sets are highly encouraged and appreciated.

Second, management for donated literature resources

1. Certificate for donation

Certificate for donation will be issued to donors after registering the donations that are officially published by domestic publishers.

In terms of informally published documents and those directly mailed from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas (With the exception of bulk donations initiated by the library and precious donations), a registration form that documents the personal information of the donor needs to be filled out (click here to download). Before a donation certificate can be issued.

Certificates demonstrate only gratitude from the library, and it should not be seen as the evaluation of Peking University Library on the content or academic quality of the donated materials.

2. Once the documents arrive at the library, the library has the ownership of the literature resources, which will be properly handled (including collection, donation, exchange according to library rules). And PKUL would make use of these resources as much as possible without informing the donors.

3. One copy of the publications from Peking University students and alumni will be collected in Peking University Library, and the rest will be stored in relevant reading area for readers.

Third, Contact information

Address: Room 101, Peking University Library Resources Center, No.5, Summer Palace Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Post code: 100871

Tel: (8610) 62751053-211


To donate cash, please see Library Development Fund.

To donate in-kind materials, please contact:

Tel: (8610)62751051


Address: Room E106, Peking University Library, No.5 , Summer Palace Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Post code: 100871