Allowance Policy

Category of library  materials

Materials owned by domestic libraries

Materials owned by  foreign libraries

Original standard

New standard

Original standard

New standard

Scans of  materials(material scanning)(Articles from journals, conference proceedings and newspapers; Peking university theses and dissertations)

Free/Charge for each page        

Free(Book chapters:50% exempt from fee)

50% of the total  fees

30% of the total fees

Book borrowing

Materials held in National Library of China

¥6 per item           

¥2 per item 

50% of the total fees

¥100 per item

Materials  from Hong Kong and Taiwan area

¥50 per item           

¥30 per item

Materials  via BALIS



Materials held in other areas of mainland

≥¥10per item

¥10 per item

  1. Target populace of subsidies: any current member of the Peking university community (faculty, students, and staff) with Peking university IDs(campus card)
  2. Payment options: Cash/ Peking university account
  3. Urgent service would include¥10 extra charges per item. The maximum amount of subsidy shall not exceed ¥500 per item. The excess borne by the patron.
  4. The subsidy policy is implemented by the interlibrary loan department of Peking university library.