Rules of Special Resources

The special resources are only available for in-library readings yet readers are allowed to have them copied out in the library, and you must return them on the same day. Otherwise, a ¥10 fine will be charged per day and your borrowing privilege will be put on hold from one month to six months depending on the nature of the violation.

1. Loan rules of Special Collections

Special Collections are distributed in Preserved Copies(209), Theses & Dissertations(309), Reserved Books(E5-1), New Books(E5-1),Local Chronicles(E315), Special Resource Center(317), Taiwan Collections(401), University Collections(313), Rare Book Collections(E115) etc. All special collections are limited for use in the library.

2. Loan rules of newspapers and periodicals

The newspapers and periodicals collections are distributed in Periodical Collections (recent 10-15 years)(E4-1), Newspapers and Literature Periodicals (419), Periodical Collections (Back issues)(409) and Hong Kong and Taiwan Periodicals (409). All newspapers and periodicals are limited for use in the library.

3. Loan of the Reference books

Reference books are distributed in Reference Book Collections (E102-3) and every reading room. All reference books are limited for use in the library.

4. Rare collections, Pre-1949 Chinese Periodicals, Stone inscription and Rubbings are only available for relevant teachers and graduate students of PKU, plus limited for use in the library.

5. For borrowing special collections please see the homepage or specific regulations of each reading room