Chinese Rare Books Library

1. Service Time

The rare books reading room locates on the east side of the first floor of Rare Books Branch of Peking University Library.

Mon-Fri 8:00-11:30 13:00-17:00

Note: The stack rooms for ancient books will be closed ahead of time to ensure security, so the application should be submitted during the follow time:

Mon-Fri 8:00-11:00 13:00-16:30

(The service time will change during vacations and holidays. Please pay attention to the notice on the homepage.)

Service Time in Summer

Because of the wet weather in summer, services for rare books will be suspended from Jun.15 to Sep.15 every year. Thanks a lot for your understanding.

Note: The ancient documents refer to the books and rubbings which are preserved in the rare-book stacks (usually the rare books’ call number begin with NC, SB, LSB, LX, MSB, MX, JSB or JX), as well as other books and maps published before 1795.

2. Notes for Reading in Rare Books Reading Room

1) A valid ID is required of anyone to enter the room.

2) All the Bags should be deposited in the lockers or be kept outside.

3) Please inform the staff if you need to take your own books into the room.

4) Please fill out the call slip which is required for each book.

5) In order to effectively protect the ancient books, documents in the following conditions are not provided in their original edition:

         a) The ancient edition from the Song and Yuan dynasties, Dunhuang manuscripts;

         b) Books which have Films or Compact disc copies;

         c) Books which have been photocopied and published;

         d) Books which are in severely damaged condition;

         e) Books with many notes, or original letters.

6) Please keep the open-shelf books in place after reading.

7) Please take good care of the ancient books and keep your hands clean while reading. The reading stand on the desk is for you to use. Be careful while flip the pages. It is not allowed to scribble on the books.

8) If you need to transcribe the books, please use the pencil. Pens, mark pens and ball-point pens are not allowed because of the ink.

9) Remember to keep any drinking water away from the books in case of any splitting.

10) Please keep quiet in reading room, and make sure your mobile phones and beepers are switched off or switched to the silent mode.

3. Notices for Visitors

1) First and foremost, Chinese Rare Books Library serves current faculty, students, staff, and researchers who hold valid Peking university IDs. However, the Library also welcomes people with special research needs.

2) Since September 2018, there is a Rare Books Reservation Service for visitors: 

      a) Please send the fill out application to the email ( at least 10 working days ahead of schedule. After receiving the reply, you can come to the library according to the acknowledgement time. 

      b) The reservation will be kept for another day when it is due. It is required to reapply if you don't come within the specified time.

3) Visitors need to present an official letter of introduction with the name and an official stamp on the letter. Usually the letter is valid for one month. A photo identification is also needed.

4) Usually, each visitor can ask for up to three kinds of ancient documents including compact disc, films, rubbing and maps within one single day.


Please contact us for any questions: 

Tel. :  010-62754227 


Download :Appointment application form