Organizational Chart

Library Departments

Primary Responsibility

Operational Areas

Department Head and Contact Information

Resource Development Center

Collections acquisition, cataloging and revealing.

1.  To acquire various resources according to the disciplinary construction and research demand; to collect Open Access resources; to administrate e-resources; to exchange journals with universities and research institutes of Hong Kong, Taiwan Macau areas and foreign countries; to receive donations.
2.  To organize, reveal, maintain and control the qualities of various library resources (including books, journals, dissertations, e-resources, microfilm document and other non-book materials, etc.);  the technical processing of the non-electronic resources; the binding work of the dissertations and journals.
3. To organize the above related research on theory, technology and method; to participate in the national program--CALIS and CASHL.
4.  Retrospective cataloging and data cleaning: organizing the retrospective catalog work of the main and branch libraries, clean garbage data during the work process, etc.

Director: Li Xiaodong

Tel.: 62751063-811

Addr.: Room 105


Deputy Director: Ai Chunyan

Tel: 62751063-806

Addr.: Room 105


Deputy Director: Ma Fangzhen

Tel.: 62751063-809

Addr.: Room 105

Research Support Centre

The Library provides specialist services to enhance research services of postgraduates, teachers and researchers, subject guides to departments across PKU, and information literacy to all of teachers and students.

a. Subject Librarians

According to four teams of PKU like Science Team, Information and Engineering Team, Humanity Team and Social Science Team, we build our subject librarian teams including service supervisor and dozens of subject librarians. Our experienced team offer specialized support and guidance on creative subject services such as course resource integration, information literacy ascending, scientific research support, and so on.

b. Information Literacy

  • To scale up existing system of information literacy, and to strive to incorporate library’s information literacy education into PKU’s teaching assessment evaluation system. It forms a complete education system covering from entrance to graduation, from students to teachers, from comprehensive to discipline and curriculum.
  • To deepen embedded information literacy services by combining with subject services, we embed digital literacy, media literacy, data literacy and so on into the information literacy system.
  • The information literacy team is led by Research Support Centre of PKU Library and provides full-covering and multi-level information literacy services to students and researchers.

c. Research and Decision Support Services

  • Basic research support services like paper citation, subject inquiry and sci-tech novelty retrieval and so on are continuous to be carried out efficiently.
  • Patent novelty retrieval and intellectual property services are newly developed to support PKU’s transformation of S&T achievements.
  • Subject frontier tracking and disciplines development tendency analysis for PKU’s decision about disciplines’ development.
  • Subject competitiveness and strategic analysis information service are provided for PKU’s subject evaluation.
  • Our aim is to form a general method and index system for libraries’ scientific research and decision support services.

d. Data Services

Data Services provides services to support the research data management needs of faculty and students at PKU.

  • Data collection, storage, sharing, and management cooperate with other center in library.
  • Data mining and analysis, and to thoroughly understand information demands of different disciplines users, to grasp timely dynamic changes of user requirements in order to help making decisions in various fields including subject service, resource construction and even the development of the library.
  • To assist and guide users to access, analyze, manage, and share data (especially in the use and management of open data), which is providing users with all the process data support service.
  • To strengthen data service qualities in data literacy, data analysis, data specification and quality control.


Director: Zhang Chunhong

Tel: 62753504/62757165

Addr.: Room 204


Deputy director: Li Feng

Tel: 62753504/62757165

Addr.: Room 203

Learning Support Center

Multifunctional service center to support student learning. Includes digital resource services, print resource services, space services and social networks.


1. Network retrieval service:

PC management in the sunny lobby; E-resources and catalog retrieval services; Wireless networks and self-service use advisory;

2. Interlibrary loan

Provide document delivery and interlibrary book loan

3. Reference service

The various consultations in in the general reference desk and the east entrance reference desk

4.  Digital resource service

Using feedbacks and usage statistics of electronic resources; Information needs evaluation for research and study;

Library service system requirements study and testing.

5.  Humanities and cultural activities

Provide a variety of cultural services through students ' learning life, such as orientation and graduation activities, reading lectures and DaYa forum, and targeted communication activities.

6. Social media

Social media operation and maintenance, such as WeChat, microblog, etc.

7.  Circulation services

Provide all books of central library (including print resources and tablet devices) lend, return, reservation, renewals and other services. unified loan and return service of the medical library and the Changping depository library

8. Reading Room Management

Book reading service, acceptance of new books and journals, handling procedures of copies.

9.  Collection maintenance

Management of open, closed and storage shelves of books and magazines, maintain shelving, fix damaged books and journals, ensure library security; Responsible for the overall layout of the collection, open-shelf borrowing area, closed stacks, Changping depository library, etc. 2) inventory of books and journals, and maintain bibliographic records of collections, solving data problems.

10.  Course reserves management

1) Collecting information, sorting, Purchasing, establishing and maintaining reference information of course reserves books 2) Created an electronic reference system, adding electronic reference resources, and maintenance of an electronic reference system 3) Management of reference reading room, Provide digital scanning, provide course-related services for teachers

11.  Library ID management

1)Registration of library card, certification for reading; 2) Handling report of loss card, and handling payments of overdue, procedure and damage of books. 4) Develop and perfect rules and regulations. 3) Other problems associated with library/reading card.

12.  Operational statistics

1) Circulation system statistics. 2) Solving various problems in the circulation process through system log analysis.

Director: Zhou Chunxia

Tel: 62754222

Addr.: Room 221


Deputy Director: Zhang Haijian

Tel: 62754222

Addr.: Room 221


Deputy Director: Liang Nanyan

Tel: 62767131

Addr.: Room 417


Deputy Director: Zhao Fei

Tel: 62759145

Addr.: Room 401


Chinese Rare Books Library

Purchase, cataloging, storage, restoration, reading service and exhibition

of original Chinese rare books(Including ancient maps, rubbings)

Containing reading service group、stack preservation group、cataloging group and rubbings group. Taking charge of cataloging, storage, reading service, restoration, researching and exploitation of original Chinese rare books, ancient maps and rubbings. Service objects are mainly teaching and research staff and students in PKU. The service covers searching, consultation, reading and copy service. Services for rare books suspend from Jun.15 to Sep.15 every year because of the weather.

Director: Li Yun

Tel: 62759139

Addr.: Room B101


Deputy Director: Zhong Di

Tel: 62759139

Addr.: Room B101

Special Resource Center

The mission of the Special Resource Center is to collect, sort out, study and preserve modern and contemporary important literatures such as PKU professors and alumni publications and manuscripts, donated private collections of PKU professors and other scholars, publications from Late Qing to 1949, western literatures on China, theses and dissertations, etc. The center also provides reading service, and furthermore, reveals the academic and other values of the collections by all means.

1. Special Collection Reading Room (Room 318)

1) Yenching University Theses, Yenching University Library Collection of Books Published During Republic Period (1911-1949)

2) Yenching University Library Collection of Oriental Studies

3) Fang Zhitong Collection: Donated books from his private collection by Mr. Fang Zhitong, a famous scholar of Harvard University

4) Hou Renzhi Collection: Donated books from his private collection by Prof. Hou Renzhi, famous Chinese historical geographer

5) Donald Holzman Collection: Donated books from his private collection by Prof. Donald Holzman, famous Franch scholar on China Studies

6) Deutschland-Institut Collection: Part of the Deutschland-Institut (1931-1946, a cultural institution with Chinese and German scholars' participation) Collection

7) Chinois-Franco University Collection: Chinois-Franco University(1919-1950)Collection,most of the collection are French books of the School of Literature.

8) European Documentation Centre Collection: Donated EU official publications and various branches of EU publications

9) Microfilms & Microfiches on British and American Diplomatic Archives: Historical diplomatic archives about Anglo American and China

10) Western Rare Books: Books in western languages published before 1850

2. The University Collections Reading Room (Room 313): Academic publications and manuscripts by the University faculty members and alumni

3. Ji Xianlin, Zhang Zhilian, and Qian Duansheng Collections Reading Room (Room 218)

4. Periodicals Published During Late Qing Dynasty and Republic Period, and Taiwan Publications (Room 401)

5. Peking University Theses and Dissertations, Duan Baolin Collection (Room 309)

6. Su Bai Collection Reading Room (Room 311)

Director: Zou Xinming

Tel: 62754226

Addr.: Room 313


Deputy Director: Zhang Lijing

Tel: 62761005

Addr.: Room 401


Information Technology and Data Center

Guide and organize information technology and data development for the library, and build the information infrastructure to comprehensively support teaching, research, and academic exchange services. Improve its information infrastructure level, proactively apply new technologies, enhance open access and data management building, and support the library resources construction and service transformation, in order to provide joint and mobile application resources and information services for teaching and research activities. Promote data research, support data-driven exploration and decision making, accelerate library information technology development, and sustain demand-driven service innovation. Cooperate information technology and data development projects Peking University with related centers.

1. Information technology development in the university campus and library;

2. Information infrastructure plan, implementation, management, and maintenance within the library;

3. Planning, organization, and implement of digital library development projects;

4. Management, maintenance, guidance, business coordination, customization and application development for the library information systems;

5. Planning, designing, development, and maintenance of the library web portal;

6. Management, maintenance, and updating electrical resource mirror websites;

7. Digital resources long term storage research and application;

8. Research and application for data management and service;

9. Open Access exchange policy, platform, and service development;

10. Resources digitalization and release services;

11. Platform for digital library systems research and application;

12. Digital library development related standards and techniques research;

13. Information technology develop and trend research and explore;

14. Disaster tolerant backup subsystem management and maintenance in the university information center.

Director: Cui Haiyuan

Tel: 62751062

Addr.: 405


Deputy Director: Du Xiaofeng, Zhou Yigang

Tel: 62751062

Addr.: 404

Administration Center

General administrative support; Logistic support to operations; Library security service.

Affiliated departments including: Society for Academic Library, Library Society of China; Editorial Board of Journal of Academic Libraries; Secretariat of the Working Committee of Academic Libraries; China Academic Library & Information System(CALIS); China Academic Humanities and Social Sciences Library(CASHL)

1.General administrative support:

1)Help the director with the daily tasks of running a library;

2)Assists the director in overseeing management of entire library system to ensure excellent user services;

3)Coordinates with all departments to improve efficiency or effectiveness;

4)Works with library partners at home and abroad as needed.

2. Logistic Support to Operations:

1)Oversees buildings and grounds upkeep, maintenance, and repair;

2)Responsible for accurate equipment, furnishings, and fixtures inventory;

3) Supervises equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement;

4)Keeps the environment green and clean

3. Library Security Service.

1) Responsible not only for security, but also good user service to patrons and staff, protection of life and property, fair rule enforcement, completion of all fair orders and instructions;

2)Provides aid to disaster victims, etc., takes all reasonable steps to minimize loss and damage to collections, furniture, and equipment;

3)provides users with a good learning and research environment

Director: Liu Suqing

Tel: 62754220

Addr.: Room 127


Deputy Director: You Yue

Tel: 62754220

Addr.: Room 127


Deputy Director: Huang Tao

Tel: 62754220

Addr.: Room 205

Fire Control Center at the East Entrance: 62761003

Fire Control Center at the South Entrance: 62753506