Course Reserves

E-Reserves are found at the Electronical Teaching Reference Service Platform of Peking University. Patrons can search course materials by course name, course code, professor's name or the title of the designated textbook. Our platform now owns more than 10,000 volumes of E-Reserves, in which over 7,000 are in Chinese, 3,000 are in English, involving over 30 departments and 1000 courses. Giving priority to undergraduate courses, the content of E-Reserves covers a variety of disciplines in social science and natural science.

Patrons can do online reading on the platform, or download to local computer. Before accessing the E-Reserves, patrons need to install "Apabi Reader". By clicking on the "Check out" button in the detailed information pages, readers could download the books and read them on the local computer. The E-Reserves downloaded to the local computer are read-only, and cannot be printed at present. Each time one reader can borrow 10 volumes of E-Reserves for 7 days. After returning them on time readers can borrow again.

The service is limited to Peking University IP Addresses. Designed to facilitate teaching and research in the university, it is strictly prohibited for commercial use. Electronic database will continue to improve and update in time, faculties and students are welcome to use it. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us!

Address: 201 teaching reference room in the library

Tel: 62751057