Research Tools

Statistical Analysis Software-SPSS

IBM SPSS Statistics is a software package used for statistical analysis. SPSS is known for its easy-to-use point-and-click interface. It can perform a wide range of analysis including:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Analysis of variance
  • Linear regression
  • Many other statistical procedures

Please note that the software is only licensed for Peking University campus network users.


To install and use the software are available at the following address:
If you install SPSS 24.0 ,SPSS 26.0 or SPSS 27.0, please select "network license" and the server IP is:

Training and support

Training in SPSS is available for teachers and students. Please contact:

Room 203, Collaborative Services



Training courses on SPSS, data analysis are also available as part of the library services. For more information, please see The Library Portal--Library Workshops--Software


Personal reference management service – NoteExpress Introduction

1. Reference Management Service

Our library has purchased the document management software - NoteExpress, which provides our customers with quality service in a digital age when loads of information needs to be processed. NoteExpress has very rich functionality and good compatibility. It can not only help you collect documents efficiently, manage the documents well, but also automatically generate a list of references at the time of writing papers which greatly enhances the quality and efficiency of essay writing, especially in the search and utilization of Chinese documents. NoteExpress is an application, and patrons need to download the app to their personal computers before they can use it.

NoteExpress download and user guide:

2. Bibliography Services

If you want to follow the development of a particular research project, subject librarians could help you optimize the process by using document management tools. They can provide you with a list of references shared online, and help you import the materials to the document manager on your desktop.

For more details, please contact the librarians in your disciplines: /portal/en/fw/xkfw/xuekeguanyuan

3. Document Management Tools Training

If you have any difficulties in using NoteExpress, you may consider joining our training sessions. You can find the schedule on Library Portal–Library Workshops. We can also arrange special lectures based on your request.


Introduction to EndNote

EndNote, with the latest version of X8, is the flagship document management system developed by Clarivate Analytics.

Download and user guide

Through the EndNote stand-alone version, researchers can:

  • Easily access to scientific literature, establish personal literature database.
  • Effectively manage and analyze literature, stimulate research ideas.
  • Utilize various journal submission templates to improve the efficiency of paper writing.
  • Adjust the reference format while writing paper with just one click.
  • Seamless integrate across platforms, synchronize literature, access to scientific and technological information anytime, anywhere.

If you have any difficulties in using EndNote, welcome to join our training sessions. You can find the schedule on Library Portal- Services-Library Workshops. We also arrange special lectures based on your request.