In-library Use

Parts of the library collections determined to be reference books or special collections are categorized as in-library use.  These appear in the catalog as "nocirc". For those materials, because they are only available in their own location, patron may go directly to the specific reading room.

Materials limited as in-library use are included as following:

  • Preserved Collections (Rm.209)
  • Ji Xianlin Collection,Zhang Zhilian Collection,Qian Duansheng Collection (Rm.218)
  • Peking University Theses and Dissertations,Duan Baolin Collection(Rm.309)
  • Su Bai Collection (Rm.311)
  • University Faculty/Alumni Collections (Rm.313)
  • Books Published During the Republic Period (1911-1949), Collection of Oriental Studies, Microfilms & Microfiches in British and American Diplomatic Archives, Western Rare Books (Rm.318)
  • Periodicals Published During Late Qing Dynasty and Republic Period, Taiwanese publications (Rm.401)
  • Periodical Collections(Back Issues), References, Local Gazetteers (Rm.409)
  • Newspaper (Rm.414)
  • Periodical Collections (Rm.419)
  1. Patrons with a University ID card or a Library Card can read books or newspapers in the reading room.
  2. Patrons should not carry books out of the reading room without borrowing them.
  3. For books on open-shelves, please take on demand, and return it to specified position after you finish.
  4. Patrons are required to follow all the Peking University Library Policies.