Disciplinary Competitiveness Report

Based on the disciplines of Peking University, series of reports on subject competitiveness of Peking University have been completed. The reports analyzed the subject competitiveness of Peking University and provided bibliometric analysis and scientific evaluation indicators for the support of the development of various disciplines in Peking University.

The 38 reports included in the Reports on Subject Competitiveness of Peking University 2017 are as follows:

Science:Mathematics | Statistics | Physics | Atmospheric Science | Astronomy | Geography| Geophysics | Geological Science | Chemistry | Nuclear science and technology | Boiology | Ecology| Psychology | Surveying and Mapping | Electronic Science and technology

Information and Engineer Science:Computer science and technology | Environmental Science and Engineering | Information and Communication Engineering | Mechanics | Software Engineering | Biomedical Engineering 

Humanities: Philosophy | Archaeology | History of science and technology| Literature & Language | History | Arts

Social Science: Sociology | Education | Law | Library, information and archives management | Journalism and Communication |Political Science | Sports Science |Public Administration

Economics and Management: Business Administration | Economics (Theoretical Economics and Applied Economics) | Management Science and Engineering