Peking University’s e-resources are web resources published by licensed publishers and purchased by Peking University Library, including databases, e-journals, e-books, etc.


Access to Peking University’s e-resources is restricted to staff, visiting scholars, visiting teachers, registered students and exchange students of Peking University.

Users should comply with the contracts signed by Peking University Library and publishers, and the terms of use of various e-resource providers.

Permission use:

Authorized users are permitted to:

Searching, viewing, downloading, and printing e-resources on campus network for noncommercial, educational, scholarly or research use only.

Prohibition Use:

Authorized users are not prohibited to:

    · Continuously or systematically downloading e-resources (with downloading speed exceeds normal reading speed).

    · Using any downloading software to download e-resources.

    · Redistributing e-resources to unauthorized users for profits.

    · Setting up a proxy server or providing excessive amount of e-resources to unauthorized users.

    · Share accounts with any unauthorized users.

    · Any other form of violations of Chinese Intellectual Property Law.