Peking University Health Science Library

Peking University Health Science Library was first established in 1922, and its new building opened to public service in 1989, occupying 10,200 square meters with over 1,000 seats available.

The library holds a vast collection of more than 700,000 volumes, mostly in biology and medical sciences. Among the myriad of materials, there are many ancient rare books. We boast of the hand-written copy of the Holy Benevolent Prescriptions, which is the only remaining in China mainland. The library also has over 4,000 kinds of local and international journals, of which 781 are still active. Apart from its printed collections, the library also has in store various audiovisuals including cassettes, videotapes, microfilms and CD-ROMs. The recently introduced online databases and multimedia databases further facilitate the users in information navigation and knowledge production. Networked to the library resources in all the hospitals affiliated to Peking University, Health Science Library forms a vital component of the Medical Information Keeping System. 

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