Library Use & Conduct Policies

1. ID Access

All members of Peking University are eligible for access to PKU Library. To enter the library, you are required to provide a valid PKU ID or a library ID that has been registered for the library. Visitors who are not affiliated with the University have to present library staff or campus safety personnel with a temporary library card that is issued at the User Service Desk at the East entrance to PKU Library. Acceptable IDs include national ID card, university student ID card, Alumni ID card or foreign government-issued passport. The temporary library card is a day pass for entry into the library; see Library Cards for further information.

2. Be Quiet

The library is a place for learning, reading and researching. Please keep quiet in the library. Chatting, eating and audio devices are prohibited to maintain a quiet environment. Your cell phone, personal computer and other electronic devices should be switched to the silent mode.

3. Fire Safety

PKU library is a smoke-free place. Smoking and fire-using in the library building or nearside the entrances and exits are prohibited.

4. Be Tidy

No splitting and no littering.

5. Treat Public Property Carefully

Be cautious of library materials. Handle them carefully. Do not mark, highlight or underline library books. Do not cut out pages or pictures.

Be careful with library facilities. Unplugging, removing or attempting to remove library equipment or property without permission are prohibited.

Announcements, flyers, personal invitations, etc. are not permitted to be posted in or on library property.

6. Observe public order

Observe the library disciplines and the public order. Don’t occupy the seats with your personal items. Items may not be left overnight in the lockers. Please don’t relocate library furnitures. Food and beverages are not allowed to be taken into the library (portable water excluded).

7. Library Etiquettes

Please dress neatly in the Library. Be polite and courteous to others. Make sure not to disturb other readers. Maintain an enlightened and elegant environment for the users.

8. Library users are requested to cooperate with library staffs and follow library rules and regulations.

9. Every library user has the right to criticize and stop the misbehaved ones from violating the above-mentioned rules. The library reserves the right to discipline them if necessary.

10. The right to interpret the above rules vest in PKU library.