Patent Analysis

Analysis concerning the competitiveness of a patent: Collate information and analyze the situation of the patent's development; cooperate with relevant departments to support decision-making; provide targeted analysis reports of the patent's competitiveness.

Analysis concerning the patent of a specific subject: According to the result of the client's research, it retrieves the similar patent in the technical field and sorts out the legal status of the existing patent of the client.

Core technical analysis based on the patent data: Conduct the retrieval and analysis of the patent in a single technical field to understand both the research history and frontier development of the technology comprehensively.

Pre-retrieval of the patent literature: According to the information provided by the client, including technical background, technical plan and key words, we provide the targeted novelty retrieval, and issue a retrieval report containing the relevant patent texts. The purpose is to help the client understand the development in the field when designing an experiment or writing an application.