Password Help

1. ID Card No.:refers to Peking University card ID or the reader’s ID of library card. Notice PKU faculty & staff ID is ten-digit, and for those less than 10 bits, it is required to add 00061 in front, i.e. 00061 + original 5-digit work number;

2. For PKU Health Science Center readers using campus cards, please input the ID number on the right bottom; for those using library cards, keep the letter of card ID in upper case, e.g. 'Y + 8-digit' or 'Z + 8-digit'. Please check the following link for more details if necessary

3. Password: can be the password of PKU portal, or the password registering in the library system

(1)In case of the portal password, if you meet any problem during login process, please check the password help from campus portal (
(2)In case of the password registering in the library system:

  · Initial password for freshman is student ID for the card before 2009, and the last 6-digit of citizen ID (letter in upper case) for the card after 2009 (including 2009).

  · For those who apply library card with credential other than citizen ID, initial password is the last 6-digit of the credential. If the credential number is less than 6-digit, the password is set as 888888.