“Chinese Local Chronicles database (中国地方志)”Trial Notification


Trial period: May 17th, 2017 to Aug 17th, 2017

URL: http://c.wanfangdata.com.cn/LocalChronicle.aspx

Access: IP authorized user, no concurrent users’ limitation.


 China local Chronicles database is an unique professional database subjected to WANFANG DATA knowledge service platform, including 300,000 volumes newlocal Chroniclespublished after 1949and 50,000 volumes “old” local Chronicles (published before 1949). The database is national scope and including multiple local chronicles, such as Comprehensive Chorography, Departments Chorography, Geographical Chorography, Enterprises Chorography, Subjects Chorography, Special Chorography and Situation maps,etc..The database support multiple retrieval methods: such as simple retrieval, data retrieval, item retrieval, time and area retrieval limit are available during all retrieval process.