Chinese and English Newspaper of Modern China 试用


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The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists (1850~1951)

The database includes over 550,000 pages of newspapers with professional reports from unique perspectives. It has a nearly complete collection of the rare English and Chinese newspapers published by The North-China Daily News & Herald, Limited:
The North-China Herald)
The North-China Daily News (1865~1951)
The North-China Desk Hong List (1872~1941)
The Chinese Shipping List & Advertiser (1862~1872)
Hu Bao (1882~1908)
Han Bao (1894~1900)
Xiao Xian Bao (1898~1906)


Chinese Newspaper of Modern China

Shanghai Library treasures nearly 5,000 titles of modern Chinese newspapers. With such a vast collection of Shanghai Library and from long-term collaboration with other institutions both in China and abroad, CNBKSY has selected characteristic newspapers including broadsheet newspapers, official newspapers, and tabloid newspapers, producing the Chinese Newspaper of Modern China to provide readers with a broader research vision.

-          Sin Wan Pao (1893~1949)

Shanghai Library has a complete collection of Sin Wan Pao, which occupies an important position in the history of modern Chinese journalism. CNBKSY has embarked on a new journey in the modern newspaper field by publishing the database Sin Wan Pao, containing around 365,000 pages in total.

-          The Eastern Times (1904~1939)

The database contains 141,100 pages of The Eastern Times, including not only all the newspapers printed from its establishment to the cease of publication, but also various special issues, weekly issues and extra issues.

-          The Tabloids (1897~1949)

A huge number of tabloid newspapers were launched in modern China, and Shanghai Library plays a dominant role in the collection of them. CNBKSY plans to roll out nearly 700 titles of well-chosen featured tabloid newspapers in the future.

English Newspaper of Modern China - The China Press (1911 ~ 1949)

The database includes over 190,000 pages of English newspapers published by professional journalists. Initiated by Chinese and founded by Americans, it adopted the American editing style and was the first known English newspaper published in modern China by professional journalists instead of businessmen or missionaries. It was also the earliest and most important American-style newspaper of the period.