Theses & Dissertations

1. Peking University Dissertations (FullText)

Peking University Dissertations collects digitally all master's theses and doctoral dissertations since 2003, and the basic information and full texts of some theses and dissertations from 1985 to 2002.

Print dissertations are located at room 309, including all dissertations from 1981 to 2011.

Note: Some of the theses and dissertations are partial due to a delayed publication request on the part of the authors. They will be published in one to three years according to their authorization.

2. Yenching University theses database

Yenching University thesis database collects about 2600 bachelor’s and master’s theses of Yenching University graduates, including some rare and valuable manuscripts of famous modern scholars. Yenching University theses database covers a wide range of disciplines, contributing greatly to researches on modern Chinese society, history and politics.

This database can be browsed and searched in several ways. Full texts are available to readers who have access to the campus network.

3. CALIS Thesis and Dissertation Database

CALIS Thesis and Dissertation database provides users in Chinese universities and colleges access to dissertations in Chinese and foreign languages. The database currently collects 3.84 million titles, including 1.72 million in Chinese and 2.12 million in foreign languages. CALIS Thesis and Dissertation database also provides document delivery services in the spirit of cooperative construction and resource sharing.

4. China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database

China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database collects 260,923 doctoral dissertations from 431 doctoral programs (updated 2016 May 30). It is updated continuously.

The product comprises of 10 series, which are Science/Technology/Engineering A (Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics, Astronomy, Geology and Biology), Science/Technology/Engineering B (Chemistry, Chemical Industry, Metallurgical Industry, Environmental Science and Mining Engineering), Science/Technology/Engineering C (Mechanics, Aeronautics, Traffic, Hydraulic, Architecture and Energy), Agriculture, Medicine/Hygiene, Literature/History/Philosophy, Politics/Military/Law, Education/Social Science, Electronics/Information Technology, Economics and Management. The 10 series are further divided into 168 subjects and further into about 3600 sub-subjects.

5. Chinese dissertation of National Science and Technology Library

It provides access to the following five databases: foreign science and technology periodicals database, foreign conference papers database, foreign science and technology monographs database, Chinese conference papers database and Chinese Dissertations Database. It provides the abstracts of almost 10,000 papers published in foreign-language journals, especially journals in the West. Nearly 2 million secondary documents are available for search by now.

6. Wanfang Database——Abstract database of China Dissertations

Founded in 1985, it includes the basic information of the Master's theses, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral dissertations from various fields of natural science and social science in China. The information includes title, author, discipline, type of degree, supervisor's name, degree -granting institutions, collection number, classification no., page number, publication date, keywords, abstract, etc.

7. ProQuest Digital Dissertations

ProQuest Digital Dissertations is a world famous dissertation database, including nearly 1.6 million abstracts and indices of Master's theses, Doctoral dissertations from more than 1000 universities in Europe and the United States, which covers the fields of arts, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc.. It is a very important information source in academic research. Approximately 45,000 citations are added annually.

Its corresponding book style journals include: Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI);American Doctoral Dissertations;Comprehensive Dissertation Index (CDI);Masters Abstracts International. Citations for doctoral dissertations include 350-word abstracts. Citations for master's theses include 150-word abstracts. ProQuest provides the preview of the first 24 pages for Doctoral dissertations after 1997 and online subscription service. Its collection dates as far back as to 1861


PQDT is a full-text dissertation database selected from ProQuest Digital Dissertation (PQDD). By the end of 2005, PQDT had collected more than 10 million full-text dissertations.