Borrowing Rules

1) Books for circulation

1. Readers who have a University ID card or a Library Card can borrow 10-60 books for one month, and renew up to five times in general cases (see Borrowing Privileges Table). Policies vary by branch and type of material, so check individual library rooms for specifics. 

2. If all duplications of the item you need are already checked out, you can submit a reservation request via the Library online catalog.

3. If an item is reserved by another user upon checking out, the loan period will be shortened to 15 days.

4. Books in circulation can be renewed online under two conditions: no one else has reserved the book and the borrowing privilege is still valid.

5. If you have any questions concerning borrowing, consult to the Reference Desk or Loan Desk.

6. For overdue fines, and books that are lost and damaged, see Peking University Library Regulations of Overdue, Damage, Loss and Concealing Library Materials.

2) In-library reading

1. Readers with a University ID card or a Library Card can read books or newspapers in the reading room.

2. Readers should not carry books out of the reading room without borrowing them.

3. For books on open-shelves, please take on demand, and return it to specified position after you finish reading them.

4. Readers are required to follow Peking University Library Admission Notice, and maintaining a pleasant and productive environment requires that all readers and borrowers conduct themselves responsibly.

3) Interlibrary Loan

1. If PKU readers (limited to teachers and graduate students) have an interlibrary loan request to other CALIS member libraries , they can go through necessary procedures in the Interlibrary Loan Center.

2. If readers from other CALIS member libraries have an interlibrary loan request to PKU library, they can come to our library Interlibrary Loan Center and go through necessary procedures with the Interlibrary Loan Card or other valid certificate. They can also ask someone else to do this.

3. If the Interlibrary Loan book is overdue or lost, the library which the Interlibrary Loan Card belongs to will in charge of the compensation.

4) Non-PKU readers loan

For non-PKU readers’ loan privileges, please see Rules and Regulations for Visitors.

5) Loan rules of Special Resources

For borrowing special collections please see the homepage or specific regulations of each reading room.