New release: Oceanography Academic Information Portal

2016-12-19 13:19:50

PEKING UNIVERSITY LIBRARY has recently built an academic information portal based on OCEANOGRAPHY to support their discipline construction and development. The portal integrating various academic resources of oceanography, including the latest information, research hotspots and development reports as well as our own academic achievements in Peking University, is bound to strengthen the ability of demonstration and cohesive affinity of marine research.


Oceanography is a comprehensive interdisciplinary. It covers a wide range of topics, including science and engineering research groups involving biology, environment science, physics, chemistry and atmospheric science, and humanities research groups involving economy, law, history, and social sciences, thus forming a diversified literature resources. The portal is to provide researchers a one-stop retrieving academic information and research frontiers, and subject services like new book recommendation, development reports and academic achievements statistics at the same time. The Oceanography Academic Information Portal has officially launched since November 2016.


As an exploration of Peking University Library to support the discipline development and to carry out the fine, better educated subject services, the Oceanography Academic Information Portal also serves as a template for every other disciplines. In 2017 the Library is continuing to cooperate with several departments to launch their specific academic information portal including economic and management, education, archaeology, mathematics and information management, to welcome all your attention.


You can access the Oceanography Academic Information Portal here: