Elsevier e-book

2017-01-04 08:04:30

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/

Elsevier company in Holland is a world famous academic journal publishers. It publishes more than 2000 peer-reviewed academic journals, including subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, life science, clinical medicine, environmental science, materials science, aerospace, engineering and energy technology, earth science, astronomy, economics, and business management, social sciences etc.

Starting from 1997 Elsevier launched a program called Science Direct electronic journal. The company's entire print version of the journal converted to electronic version, the content updated daily.

Our library purchased 65 series of e-books (from 2012, see the introduction of Elsevier database in detail), and purchased e-books in six subjects of biological, chemical, earth science, environment, physics and neuroscience from 2017. Welcome to read and download!