Book Exchange Activity in 2017 has begin

2017-04-14 15:04:37

                                                                           ——2017 4.23 world reading day series activities

On April 12-19, the Peking University library once again set up Book Exchange Activity. Peking University teachers and students are welcome to the library to go to the market, to share the reading happiness.

the book exchange activities schedule:

12 -19 April: hand over your books and periodicals, and get books/periodicals change certificates;

Collect book time: 8:00-22:00;

Place of receipt: the general reference desk in library sunny lobby

Put your books to the general reference desk in library sunny lobby,according to the number of books you send ,you will get corresponding number of books/periodicals change certificates.

20-21 April: Change the books you love in Book Exchange Activity

Open time: 9:30-15:00

Location: east library exhibition hall

You sent the book should be the official domestic publications, suitable for mass communication, good appearance without fouling, does not affect the reading; periodicals should be after 2016 (including 2016) published, the best volume is complete; in principle does not receive textbooks, exam books, children's books etc..

A book for a books/periodicals change certificate; the certificates only for the exchange of publications; more than 5 copies of the same book or magazine can be exchanged 5 certificates.

If the graduate students do not want the books/periodicals change certificates, can receive the library especially souvenirs (Peking University library commemorative edition of a pair of poker, over 3 copies in the book can receive).

Warm tip: the book exchange activities only for teachers and students of Peking University


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