The library learning space in the new student center open!

2017-04-14 15:10:00

In order to meet the transformation of East Building renovation project will start in June in the library, guarantee the students learning space, learning space of Library in the new student center carefully deployed, is now open for use, including the following facilities and services:

Study area:

Provides nearly 150 self-study seats

Book drop:

Set at the entrance. Students can take to return the library book into book drop, library staff will take away the books every day.

Electronic reader:

You can read books on the cloud screen include classic books, famous novels, best-selling books, educational books, art and other books, can also be downloaded to your mobile devices to read.

Drifting bookshelf:

Welcome the students to donate their books on the drifting bookshelf, you can write a message in the message sent or carried on the book. You can transfer reading experience to the next owner. 

Welcome to use this learning space, please contact library if you have any comments or suggestions, phone number 62757167, or BBS library version.

Peking University Library