“Early European Books (1450-1700)”Trial Notification


Website: http://eeb.chadwyck.co.uk/home.do?instit1=peking&instit2=p3k1ng

Trial period: 01.04. 2017  to  07.05. 2017



  The ProQuest “Early European Books” Database (EEB) contains all the paper publications of the European continent from 1450 to 1700, covering many areas such as literature, language, history, religion, theology, philosophy and science. The database currently contains more than forty thousand works and replenishes regularly new content. The database digitizes the relevant early books of the European Libraries, such as the French National Library, the National Library of Florence, the National Library of the Netherlands, the London Well Kum Library, the Royal Danish Library and other European libraries,  which facilitates researchers and scholars to read the works of the Middle Ages online.

  EEB provides users with a research experience that is as close as possible to the original book. Researchers can see detailed information about each page and image of a book that obtained by high resolution color scanning. In addition, the database interface can be read in English, Danish, French, Italian, Dutch, which is convenient for researchers of different languages.