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2017-04-17 12:40:24

——Reading Events of World Book and Copyright Day 2017

  1. Peking University 2016 Popular books exhibition

According to Peking University Library 2016 Reading Report, our library highlights more than 100 books which are most popular in Peking University community, and adds copies for some items. The books would be on exhibit at Sunny Lobby. Materials could be checked out after exhibition.

Exhibit Dates: Tuesday, April 18-Sunday, April 30
Exhibit Location: Sunny Lobby
  1. Lecture Series Offered by Library

The Peking University Library would present a free lecture series, including three events in April and four in May. Times, locations and events are as follows:



Keynote Speaker

Reading Lectures:

April 20

Our China

Prof. Li Ling (李零)

May 3

Sociology of Love

Prof. Chung-Hsing Sun(孙中兴)

Da Ya Forum:

April 25

Behind the English Words: Art,Politics,History,and Life

Ning Libo(宁立波)

May 25

Selected Plants of Yan Yuan and Natural History Cultivation

Prof. Liu Huajie(刘华杰)

Middle to late May

How to Make a Good PPT Presentation

A/Prof. Chen Jiang(idiot)

Audio & Video Appreciation:

April 25

Movie, Fantasy ,and the World Today

Prof. Dai Jinhua(戴锦华)

May 15

How to Appreciate Classical Music

Prof.Liu Juwei(刘岠渭)

For more information about the lecture series, please check the library homepage at,or follow us on WeChat:@ pkulib_1902 and Weibo: @北京大学图书馆

  1. eiming Reading Star 2016

This year's awards ceremony will be held on April 20 ,in the lecture of &lquote;Our China&rquote;. Awards winner will get the works with author's signature of Prof. Li Ling, and access to some special preferential policies on book borrowing.

Thursday, April 20 | 19:00

North Wing

  1. Book Exchange Market 2017: Share your reading experience, and share your happiness with us!

   Before the market beginGive books that you are no longer using to the library, and accordingly you are eligible to receive the book vouchers (The amount of your book voucher will depend on the number of books you donated).

April 12-19 | 8:00-22:00

General Reference Desk, Located in Sunny Lobby

On the market day:Use your book vouchers to pick up your favorite books.

April 20-21|9:30-15:00

Exhibition Room of East building

  1. The Beauty of Language: Share the book with us

Volunteer Recruitment On-line :Volunteers of Peking University community are welcome to record chapters of a book, which is created by Peking University students and teachers. The multiple voices will be recorded and produced to an audio book, which can be downloaded online and listened on listening devices. Volunteers are provided the opportunities to communicate with their favorite writers.

Time: April - May


For more information about the lecture series, please check the library homepage at,or follow us on WeChat:@ pkulib_1902 and Weibo: @北京大学图书馆


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