Activities for graduating students

2020-06-23 16:56:55

Peking University, June 23, 2020: As the summer dawns in Beijing, the graduation season of Peking University creeps in. Facing the disruptions from the pandemic, why not come and enjoy a series of activities hosted by Peking University Library before embarking on your new journey?

This year’s activities include:

1. Leaving imprints on the “Graduation Wall”

Welcome back to Peking University after what feels like a century-long holiday!

As the graduation season approaches, Peking University Library has decorated a special wall in the Sunny Lobby for graduating students. Feel free to leave your imprints on it.


2. Taking photos in Peking University Library

Bid farewell to Peking University by capturing beautiful moments on the campus in a deluge of beautiful photographs!

Peking University Library has made colorful stickers and placards for you to add into your photographs, hoping to spice up this special graduation season. Meanwhile, you are welcome to send your photos to us! They will be shared on PKU’s official WeChat, Weibo and the website of Peking University Library. Exquisite gifts like mini-fans and folders have been prepared for you!

Time: Throughout the entire graduation season
Location: Sunny Lobby of Peking University Library

Stickers and placards

3. Customizing a commemorative Library Card

Every single moment you spend in Peking University Library is deeply engraved in our memory. As you embark on a new phase of life, get your own tailored-made commemorative Library Card for the 2020 graduation season! Wherever you are, Peking University Library is always with you.

Scan the QR code above to customize your commemorative Library Card

4. Exporting your own record of borrowing books

Books are lifetime treasures. Your borrowing record is the witnesses to your unique process of learning and thriving. Peking University Library will produce a record of books that you borrow. You can either print it out or generate it online and share with your friends.

Time: To be announced
Location: The General Reference Desk in the Sunny Lobby of Peking University Library

A copy of the book borrowing record

5. Donating your preloved books to the PKU community

What can you do to deal with your books when you leave the campus? As a saying goes, “If you love your books, let them go.” You can bring your different kinds of reading materials like textbooks to the General Reference Desk in the library, so they can be passed on to others who will find them valuable. Let these books remain on the campus and benefit other PKUers!

Those who donate five books or more will receive a pair of magnetic stickers as a souvenir.

Time: Throughout the entire graduation season
Location: The General Reference Desk in the Sunny Lobby of Peking University Library

The poster for the “Book Drifting” event

6. Sending your words to the incoming students

In the past few years, you must have learned a lot about the library. Please write down your experiences or suggestions on a card and put it into the mailbox beside the “Graduation Wall”. Your advice will be of great help to the new PKUers.

If you have a lot to share, please send them to
They will later be posted on our official Weibo and WeChat account.

Time: Starting from June 13
Location: Beside the “Graduation Wall” in the Sunny Lobby of Peking University Library

Written by: Yu Cong
Edited by: June Tan Rui Min
Source: PKU News, Peking University Library