Time Trickles in the World of Books: Me and My Library

2021-01-13 16:14:12

Time Trickles in the World of Books — Me and My Library


The Peking University Library saw its inception in 1898. Since then, it has chronicled the stories of generations of Pekingers who have come to it in pursuit of knowledge and fresh thoughts. A group of Pekingers share their experience with our Library, age-old yet evergreen.



For Jiang Shaoyu, Xu Fulian and Zhao Dunhua, the library was like that of a collection of treasured memories.


Jiang Shaoyu is currently a professor at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University, and has been an avid visitor of the library since he began his tertiary studies in 1957.

Xu Fulian, a librarian at the Circulation Office of Peking University Library, remarks on Jiang's love for books and the abundance of scholastic resources available in Peking University's library.

Zhao Dunhua, a professor at the PKU Department of Philosophy, remembers the time when he unexpectedly discovered a rare book that could not even be found at Leuven Library (KU Leuven) - Richard Mckeon's first and second volumes of the "Selections from Medieval Philosophers".

To them, Peking University's library was filled with memories to reminisce on, and filled with the knowledge of both the past and the future.




To Li Yongmei, Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering, Peking University, the library contained many wonders, from transcripts of students dating back a hundred years, to old photos filled with the rich memory of history.

To Hu Lianglin, who was the first batch of postgraduate students from the PKU Institute of Digital Library, and is now the Director of National Basic Science Data Centre, the library was the place where he first gained the knowledge needed for him to embark on his journey that has lasted for nearly 20 years.



An Academic Journey and Beyond

For the youngest generation, the library is a haven for their academic journey, and whatever may lie ahead.

For graduate student Wang Yupei, the Sunshine Hall of the library puts her at ease, allowing her to embark on her journey of reading and learning in a most comfortable fashion.

Wang Rongjinzi, Ph.D. student, frequents the library website in search of references during days filled with academic research.

Like postdoctoral fellow Gao Hongfei remarks, the library stays with us not only throughout our academic journey. Wherever we go, the spirit of the PKU library will always be in our hearts, looking out for us every step of the way.

The Library's rich collection has been ever expanding, its facilities always improving, and its resources, equipment, technology ever up to date. As such, it has withstood the test of time to become one of the most important and best managed libraries in the country. Peking University Library continues to welcome each and every Pekinger with open arms and a vibrant soul, looking forward to leaving an everlasting mark in their lives.


Acknowledgement: Peking University Library

Video: PKU Office of Global Communications

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